House Restoration by Dave Ferre and Kathy Childs - Salem, OR

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41 - At a depth of 7-feet, the clog was revealed and consisted of tree roots that had broken the cement sewer line. On the dirt pile, you can see portions of the roots that were removed. The offending tree had been cut down some time ago. In this case, some 7-feet down, the existing line was OK down to the city sewer line. The old line was trimmed and then interfaced with all new schedule 40 materials to connect with the end of the new sewer line in the house crawl space. From start of finish, it took them 6 hours and cost $1,200. (January 3)

42 - The entire house is now insulated, with R15 in the walls and ceiling, and R30 in the attic. Next is the all-important dry wall. Where each wall cavity needed an individual piece of soundboard, each wall cavity also needed a piece of insulation, all cut to size. This work was done over 4 days and passed inspection on the first try. (January 9)

43 - The dry wall work is now complete and we're considering colors. But first we have to prime and seal all the dry wall surfaces, and then probably start with the bathroom work because right now... we don't have a bathroom. Kind of inconvenient. (January 17)

44 - The painting of the rooms is complete and now the tile work in the bathroom starts. This is where Kathy has selected materials and the overall design. I call her Queen of the Tile. (January 20)

45 - Bathroom is done, less the door. Kathy's tile work is a big success and now we have a flush toilet again, and hot shower, washer/dryer! (January 30)

46 - Kathy is resting after another tiring day. We're moved into the house now. With a working kitchen, full bath, and completed bedroom, it's time to start enjoying the house and to move out of the garage. We have a lot of trim work remaining, which will come some time later, probably end of March or in April. (Feb. 4)

47 - After nearly 3 months off, we're back to Salem and back to work on the house, starting with the oak flooring. This is used flooring of a very fine quality. We rented a pneumatic nailer and compressor, which Kathy operated while Dave put down the boards and tapped them into position. (Apr. 23)

48 - After adding the trim boards and other finishing work, plus carpeting, the bedroom is nearly done. This room features a vintage Drexel queen bed headboard, a 1950s chest of drawers, an English "secretary"desk for the wireless laptop computer, and a U3 Yamaha upright piano. Eventually there will be a window seat between the closets and some art work on the walls. (May. 11)

49 - After adding the trim boards and other finishing work, the living room is done, less the kitchen area. The room is quite comfortable with the Italian red leather chairs, mission-style love seat, arts & crafts bookshelf, vintage drop-leaf chrome kitchen table, and a variety of pleasing, framed prints for the walls. (May. 15)

50 - After a break of several months, we got back to work and finished the kitchen. Then it was final inspection time for the City of Salem, which we passed with flying colors. Thus, THE HOUSE IS DONE. Yes, there is yard work, garage work, and other tasks, all of which can wait until next year. So here are the final pictures of the interiors.
This completes this website. With the renovations, we have a total cost into the house of $90,000. The house is currently valued at $130,000. (Sept. 03)

The thumbnail photos in the left panel show you the progress in renovating a small house in Salem, OR. The address is: 1734 Nebraska Avenue NE (off 17th, near Market Street), Salem, OR, 97301, (503) 763-6975. Click any photo for a larger image.

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