House Restoration by Dave Ferre and Kathy Childs - Salem, OR

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11 - Framed the back of the house for new windows, door, and garden window. This is a dry fit, with more to be done with Tyvek wrap and moldings around windows and doors. (May 2)

12 - Now we're getting somewhere. Tyvek wrap and installed windows and door. Trim boards and other trim work is next. (May 4)

13 - With the open floor plan, the 18-foot clear-span 2x4s would sag, so trusses were built above the ceiling allowing the 2x4s to be supported in four places (4 trusses). Also, this was inside work during the 2 weeks of constant rain. (May 16)

14 - With a break in the weather, the outside front was sided with redwood bevel siding and then prime painted (slow-dry oil base). Compare with original house. Three sides to go. (May 21)

15 - Comparison photo between April 4th and June 4th. Only the back remains to be sided and painted, then work goes indoors (after some decks). (June 4)

16 - Comparison photo between April 4th and June 25th. Work now moves indoors but not until August due to other tasks. (June 25)

17 - Back in business starting with a new waterline. The previous one did not meet code and the whole thing had to be done over. (See 9 above.) We're waiting for the inspector to inspect, then we'll cover up the hole. We also started planting 13 trees on the property. (October 11)

18 - Landscaping today, plus filling in the trench for the new water pipe (approved by the inspector). The three trees in the front are flowering cherry trees and while just 6-feet now, will be 10-feet a year from today. (October 12)

19 - Let the inside work begin, and so it does pulling up the floor, raking and cleaning the crawl space, lining with 6-mil plastic, and making some repairs. (October 20)

20 - Here is the bathroom layout, for which we are getting bids to do the drain/vent portions of the plumbing. The plumbing code is so complex, we're not going to try it, but we will do all the water lines. Initial calls to four plumbers resulted in one call back. Typical. (October 24)

The thumbnail photos in the left panel show you the progress in renovating a small house in Salem, OR. The address is: 1734 Nebraska Avenue NE (off 17th, near Market Street), Salem, OR, 97301, (503) 763-6975. Click any photo for a larger image.

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