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Welcome to the David Ferré and Kathy Childs Website

Below are links to some of our past travel blogs.

Montreal, Canada 2017 - Click Here
(trip name: Fireworks!)

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 2017 - Click Here
(trip name: So Many Restaurants)

NY, Ireland, Wales, London 2016 (August/Sept.) - Click Here
(trip name: 3 days, 3 days, 3 days)
Dublin, Cork, Cardiff, London

California 2015 (August) - Click Here
(trip name: Big Sur)

Europe 2015 (August) - Click Here
(trip name: Gluten Free)
Warsaw and Krakow, Poland

Europe 2014 (October) - Click Here
(trip name: Brilliant!)
London, England and Warsaw, Poland

Europe 2013 (June - July) - Click Here
(trip name: What else can go right?)
France, Austria, Solvenia, Italy, Iceland

Europe 2012 (July - December) - Click Here
(trip name: Alles Gute!)
France, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, England

Arizona 2011 (December - February) - Click Here
(trip name: I need a vacation)
Tucson, Arizona