Follow Dave, Kathy, and Craig on a 3-day Sedona, AZ celebration. This was Dave's second birthday celebration because Craig (Kathy's brother) was unable to attend the first birthday celebration. So we decided to do the whole thing over again!
Sept 16,
Our first stop on the way to Sedona was our favorite Monzelle's Bakery in Flagstaff, then on to the stunning Oak Creek Canyon Drive (pix), down the mountainside into Sedona. The drive from Flagstaff (elevation 7,000 feet) to Sedona (elevation 4,300 feet) on route 89A takes about 45 minutes. There are many stops along the way, if so inclined, such as Slide Rock State Park.
Our room was ready at the Sedona Real Motel (not recommended) and we checked in awaiting the arrival of Kathy's bother, Craig. Once he arrived, it was off for a driving trip of Sedona and a stop at the Chapel of the Holy Cross, (YouTube video). There are endless views of the rock formations in Sedona. And it's always nice to see brother and sister together (pix).
One popular stop when trying to see as many Sedona rock formations as possible is the airport Scenic View (pix). There is also a Vortex trailhead in the Scenic View parking lot, a trail that takes you to one of the four Sedona Vortex locations (a Vortex being a whirling of spiraling energy). Kathy noted an increase in her well-being all the while in Sedona.
We freshened up back at the motel and then off to the Hudson restaurant, with a table featuring a view of some Sedona rock formations (pix). We were a bit disappointed with the meal this time (having been there before) but with the view and pleasant company, it was still very enjoyable. After the meal, we continued our Sedona tour until dark and then back to the motel.
Sept 17
After one of those dismal motel "free" breakfasts, and with the morning still a bit cool, we headed for the Boynton Vortex (pix), the one most frequented by the Indians, who discovered the vortex locations many centuries ago. This required about a 1-mile hike and we had to turn back because we had no backpack with essential water.
Back on the road, we headed to Jerome, AZ, the old copper mining town, high up the side of a mountain just above Cottonwood, AZ. The first stop was the Mine Café (pix) for a real breakfast and then some shopping where Craig got a fantastic small rug, handmade by local artists, while Dave and Kathy found two beautiful coffee mugs with a frog theme.
Still in Jerome, we noted this old pickup truck, which is actually an advertisement for the Jerome Museum. We noted that the old Little Daisy Hotel had been converted into a home, a home of over 9,000 sq. feet, and many decks both open and covered. This can be yours for $6,000,000 because it's for sale. Of course, many other properties are available for purchase.
Back in Sedona, we visited possibly the most impressive art gallery anywhere. Called, Exposures International Gallery (pix) (YouTube), they feature over 100 artists in a 20,000-square-feet of space. For more images, Click Here, Click Here, Click Here, Click Here. Inspired, we decided to quit our jobs and do something creative with our lives, but then realized we're all retired.
Next, a piano recital by pianist Sandra Shapiro (pix). This was part of the Red Rocks Music Festival - Sedona. The venue was the Sedona Creative Life Center with its sculpture garden. Sitting just a few feet away from the keyboard, we were delighted with everything, especially the Rachmaninoff, Variations on a Theme of Corelli. For the whole program, Click Here.
Next, we headed for the Village of Oak Creek. Once again, stunning views of the red rock formations, a favorite being Bell Rock (pix). All the public golf courses in Sedona are in this village so we decided to do a real estate driving tour, with hopes to see some homes on the golf courses for sale, but these communities were gated. We did fine one Open House! Craig liked it!
After a short rest back at the motel, we headed out for Dave's 2nd Birthday Celebration dinner. The location was the best steakhouse in Sedona, the Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill. The Mariposa (pix) is known for its fine views but we arrived just at dark so we had to imagine the views! Craig picked up the bill and I can tell you, it wasn't cheap. Thanks Craig!
Sept 18
Another beautiful Sedona morning and we weren't going to take any chances of breakfast so we headed out to a local breakfast "hot spot" called The Coffee Pot. They serve 101 omelets! It's on Coffee Pot Street and the name actually refers to a rock formation that supposedly looks like a coffee pot. After breakfast we went up the street to see the rock but couldn't find it.
Craig decided to come with us back to our White Mountains, AZ, cabin (pix). We've been working on this place all summer and while there is more to do, it's pretty comfortable now with a new kitchen, flooring, covered back deck and much more. With our return to our cabin, this ended our Sedona Weekend and Birthday Celebration.