Here you can follow Kathy's and Craig's travels to see the Pleiades Meteor shower and then play at the ocean in Big Sur California. (August 13 to 21 2015)

Aug 13

Craig arrived to Tucson and we had a wonderful dinner at Augustine's restaurant then went to bed at 8:30. We got up at 4 am and drove to the desert but alas it was very cloudy and there were few stars. It was dark and we could hear critters all around and some how I got this image of Craig holding a flashlight. Art shot? No shooting stars but we saw the sun rise.

Aug 14

Our last day in Tucson we headed to the Tucson Museum of Art. A Perfect way to escape the blistering heat. One of our favorite exhibitions was this one "Of Earth and Sand" ceramics and glass works. The weather continues to hold us back as neither of us are use to it. Our day was sadden by the news of Corinna's home being broken into and Craig brightened our day by his generous offer of help. Tomorrow we head to California about a 9 hour drive.

Aug 15

We arrived at Craig's place in Glendale Ca. to find Pani very happy and healthy. I'm not sure she has any memory of me but it great to see her thriving. It is only slightly cooler here at 103 degrees compared to 113 degrees we have been experiencing but the temperature should be dropping. The new truck was wonderful to travel in and Craig had a an Ipod full of tunes to whisk us along the road. Life is good.

Aug 16

Craig and I have decided to do more art shots so here you go. We had one of those great lazy summer days staying at home. We did manage to drag the antique dresser from the back of the truck into it's new resting place. Other then that the day consisted of walks, watching cartoons, reading, naps, Sudoko puzzles and Craig cooking me a great dinner. Very relaxed and memorable in it's own sweet way.

Aug 17

Here is Craig relaxing on the deck with a glass of wine at the Goat Farm in Big Sur where we have rented a place for 3 nights. We each have our own little cabin but they share a deck. You are suppose to be able to see the ocean but it was too fogged in when we arrived. It was a strenuous drive through lots of traffic and then we climbed high above the ocean into total solitude. What a nice surprise. Happy to see people living this type of life but lots of work too.

Aug 18

Here is Carlos, owner of the goat farm at Big Sur and his granddaughter milking the goats in the morning. Then we had a taste of fresh goats milk, which is very sweet and creamy, and then some delicious goats cheese. They are looking for a part time care taker? After that we went down to the ocean, went for a walk and found a secluded beach waiting for the sun to burn off the fog. Happy Birthday to David who is whooping it up in Warsaw.

Aug 19

Another fun day at the beach. It was sunny and the water was sparkling. We saw whales, otters and giant sea lions fighting each other for the attention of the females. Also lots of bird life all taking advantage of the bounty of the sea. It truly is a beautiful coastline.

Aug 20

As they say all good things must end so today we went from the calm cool serenity of Big Sur back to the chaos and traffic of LA. We made several stops along the way in the small towns looking for possible new homes for Craig. Pani had a lot to say when we got home about us being gone.

Aug 21

I made my way back to Tucson today from Craig's house in Glendale, Ca. As I was driving I remembered Craig had made me take a picture of this sign that was on the goat farm property. I think the sign says it all.