Follow Kathy and Dave's week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, January 8 to January 14, 2017. We will be the guests of David's brother, Robert Ferre, who owns a Time Share in PV and has been going every January for 15 years. With so many restaurants and things to do, we only hope we get enough sleep. Plans thus far include the Art Tour, the Gourmet Food Tour, a visit to a cat shelter, Purr Project (200 cats and kittens), golf at a local course, exploring, and plenty more. We mention restaurants a lot to help us remember where we've been, which is useful for future trips. We do more than eat. Really.

Video of the trip in less than 10 minutes [pending]

Jan 8

After a routine flight to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, we met Dave's bother, Robert, and his wife, Linda, at the Buganvilias Resort Vacation Club. Our accommodations featured a lovely view from our private balcony (pix). After unpacking and a shower, we were off to dinner at the Cuetos Seafood Restaurant (so so), which is just a short walk from the vacation club. Robert has been coming to PV every January for the last 16 years. Back from the restaurant, it was time to sit on our balcony and enjoy the view.

Jan 9

It was straight to the Malecón with Robert and Linda, stopping for breakfast at Roberto's. Then further on with a stop at A Page in the Sun bookstore for coffee and Robert and Dave (pix) playing Sudoku (Dave wins). More exploring PV with lunch at the Sea Monkey. We honored the Siesta tradition in the afternoon with a nap and reading, then out again to explore PV ending at the Los Muertos Brew Pub, a sports bar, to watch Clemson beat Alabama in the College Football Playoff. Great pizza!

Jan 10

After breakfast at the River Cafe (excellent), it was off to Old Town for a look around, and then to join a group taking a house tour of the Rich and Famous (pix). The smallest house was 6,700 sq feet, and you could rent any of the homes we toured for $1,200 and UP per night. Villa Amapas North was a masterpiece and our favorite. Lunch at Joe Jack's Fish Shack (great), more exploring Old Town, and then home for our siesta. For the evening, it was off to the most famous restaurant in PV, Café des Artistes.

Jan 11

Skipping breakfast, it was off to tour a local no-kill cat shelter called PurrProject (pix). Numbering almost 200 cats of all sizes, types, and ages, the shelter has been successful in finding homes for the cats, worldwide. Then lunch at Joe Jack's Fish Shack (again), followed by a long swim and siesta nap. In the evening, it was time for the Puerto Vallarta Gourmet Food Tour but no guide showed up, so there must have been a mixup. But nearby the meeting point was a great restaurant, Layla's Restaurante, so a happy ending.

Jan 12

Dave and Robert took off on their own for breakfast and resumed their Sudoku contest. Dave lost and Robert is now Champion. Then Kathy and Dave did a long Art Crawl (pix) through just a few of the many excellent art galleries. Next, our siesta and time by the pool under a perfect sky and light breeze. For our last evening, it was off to the Chez Elena roof top deck for a glorious sunset and fine beverage, and then on to yet another leading restaurant in PV, this time, Trio, which was excellent. After dinner, a stroll on the Malecón.

Jan 13

A perfect morning in PV. We walked from the hotel to Roberto's on the Malecón for breakfast, taking a few pictures along the way of the amazing public artwork (pix). With time running out, back to the hotel to pack our bags, to share a coffee break with Robert and Linda and for our farewells. With our flight to Los Angeles delayed, it meant that we would miss the Los Angeles/Tucson portion of our trip. Delta's solution was to "come back tomorrow" and try again. Our solution was to fly to Los Angeles and spend the night.

Jan 14

Our overnight hotel after arriving in LAX on Friday evening was at the Marriott Fairfield Inn in El Segundo, CA (pix). At the LAX Hotel Courtesy bus stop, we met some travelers who were going to this hotel so we tagged along. Actually, it was quite nice and reasonable at about $135. In the morning, a free hotel breakfast, free shuttle to LAX, and then a routine flight to Tucson, arriving at just about noon local time. We're going to try and get Delta Airlines to pay for the hotel, while knowing chances are quite small.

Jan 18

Robert and Linda took our free Puerto Vallarta Gourmet Food Tour (pix) (see Jan. 11). The first of the four stops was Layla's (margaritas, fried oysters with chipotle cream sauce, chicken asado, fire shrimp) then El Arrayan (Jamaica Quesadilla, Jalapeño stuffed with Tuna, Cochinita Pibil), followed by No Way Jose (Caesar Salad, Sangria, Chile en Nogada) and lastly Vitea (choice of Chocolate Brownie, Apple Tart, Banana Pudding with Chocolate Chips, Flan, Cheesecake, Ice Cream, dessert drink). They look pretty happy!