Renovating 301 W. Oliver Street
Show Low, Arizona 85901

Brief History - This fixer home in Show Low, Arizona was bought in December 2015 for $37,000. The former owner was an elderly woman who had paid for all new electrical service and installed all new plumbing. County records showed that the house had an enclosed mobile home, which means that there was a mobile home trapped inside a 900 sq. foot structure. Sure enough, it's there (see Dec. 8 below). It appears to be a 1950 Silver Streak mobile.

Dec 8
We gutted the inside living room wall to get our first view of the trapped mobile home. This home was, for many years, a condo for squirrels. Their poor housekeeping resulted in a mountain of droppings above the mobile's roof.
Dec 31
We're going to need a bathroom and shower while working on the house. There is a small building in the back yard with a full bathroom, but it needs work. The "After" picture dates from Feb. 26, 2016, showing it's now an empty space.
Jan 20

We were able to take some beds to the Show Low house to save motel costs. For this visit, because the water was turned off and the house winterized, we stayed in a motel anyway. But the next trip, we'll be living in the house.
Feb 12
On this trip, we rebuilt the 10' x 13' metal shed that was in the backyard. This will come in handy for storage during the renovation effort. The inside photo before the work started shows the collapsed floor and other foundation issues.
Feb 26
We started the repair of our temporary bathroom building (see Dec. 31). Eventually, this will be a small studio building for Kathy. We first gutted the building, fixed the walls, and then added siding. Paint, windows and roof are next.
Mar 4
With rain in the forecast, we returned to fix the roof of the Studio Building but it couldn't be saved, so we put on a flat roof (with an eye towards a rooftop deck). At the same time, we put in a used window. Next, paint and a deck and a new door.
Apr 4
The studio outbuilding is done now with the promised paint, deck, and door. This will be a handy little building when the main house is being torn apart. When we built this deck, we decided to save the tree that was right in front.
Apr 13
At last, we start working on the house. The first step was removing the mobile outside wall and the ceiling, leaving only the inside wall and just a bit of the ceiling curve. We did 1/2 of the length of the mobile this trip with more to come.
July 28
For this trip we started the process of moving the kitchen and bathroom from the mobile home side, over to the stick-built side. The kitchen was first with some used upper cabinets and some cheapo lower cabinets and countertop. Then Dave installed drain lines, water lines and added lighting and kitchen power outlets. Next, the bath/shower.