David Ferré and
Kathy Childs

11751 N Joi Drive,
Oro Valley, AZ 85737
520 343-3965


Grandson Bruce Ferré
on his motorcycle (2019)

With Dave's brother, Robert Ferré

Kathy's brother, Craig Childs, with Kathy

With grandchildren Dashel (right) and Avanni (left)

Grandson Bruce Ferré and daughter Corinna

Welcome to the David Ferré and Kathy Childs Website


Memories of David from family and friends:

Memorial concert in David's memory:

GoFundMe campaign for David's memorial:

This website will remain available as a tribute to David and Kathy's life together.

The view from our backyard presents a nice view of the Santa Catalina Mountains. Oro Valley is northwest of Tucson.

Santa Catalina Mountains from our backyard

Family at Ice Cream Shop in Tucson

Corinna Ferré-Murray (with young Dashel)
and Mitchell Ferré (with young Bruce)

Mom Tracy Ferré and grandson Bruce Ferré

Robert Ferré and wife Linda Ricketts

Grandchilden Dashel and Avanni

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About Kathy Childs
Kathy grew up in Boulder Colorado where she attended high school and the University of Colorado. She moved to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle working in the digital photographic silk-screen industry for 15 years. She then worked in various cities as a real estate agent, executive assistant, and labyrinth builder for Labyrinth Enterprises, retiring in 2005. She has traveled throughout Europe, Thailand, India and the US enjoying musical festivals and special events with her husband, David Ferré.

While living on Bainbridge Island, WA, Kathy was a member of the Bainbridge Island Arts & Humanities Council, focusing on the commissioning of outdoor sculptures and children’s art projects. Her special project was the children’s sea-glass quilt installed in downtown Bainbridge Island. While in Seattle she produced an hour radio show called the Elliott Bay Writers Series that aired on KCMU public radio at the University of Washington on Sunday mornings. The show featured writers who came to the Elliott Bay Bookstore. She also found time for the Richard Hugo House in Seattle an organization that provides support, advice and a variety of programs for writers and the local community. She currently is working on her own writing projects, including poetry and travel essays.

About David Ferré
David was born in Boston, MA, and educated in Rochester, NY, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) degree in 1965. David is married to Kathy Childs Ferré with two children, three grandchildren, and lives in Tucson, Arizona.